New release version 0.17.18

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New release version 0.17.18

Postby Anke » Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:17 am

Release version of patch 0.17.18

New features:
- New building animation
- Check out the help sector where we have added a lot of information
- Glow animation in case you build something like an astro
- We are now also visible on 2 other sites so more users will be coming to the game☺

- Reports got improved
- We moved to a new server setup that is a lot more stable
- Loading of the game got improved
- Memory usage of the game got improved
- CPU usage of building animation got improved
- Refreshing of help page and reports and messages got improved
- Barracks now are only able to have a maximum amount of extra units in their storage.
- New support station units in the mothership
- Speedup in the HQ works faster now. Before it got stuck.
- Improvements in the agency where made in case you want to build a building
- Once you move your mothership you do not see incoming alerts anymore that where send to your previous destination
- User that start the tutorial will now get 20 galactons to start with

Bug fixes:
- Users with a planet below 2000 points that are inactive for 14 days can now be invaded
- After a planet is conquered the units that are on the way to the barracks or are in the barracks will be send back automatically
- Problems with the traderoute to the mothership where fixed
- Forum got fixed
- Buttons are now locked so players can not cheat in case the game is pausing
- Bug to build buildings that you are unable to build got fixed
- Battle simulator got fixed
- Hanging timers got fixed
- Chat got fixed
- Forwarding messages got improved
- Auto filling got fixed
- Error in the barracks when you try to send units back got fixed
- Bug with holiday got improved. Check the help for the new rules for this card.
- Agency does not go to job market anymore automatically
- Bug with star cards in the gallery got fixed
- Bug with trade routes made in the agency got fixed
- Combat issue with spy frigates got fixed
- Receiving multiple messages at the same time got fixed
- Bug with canceling in the headquarters got fixed
- A mothership now always will have a tradeport
- In case a building is shot down it will also stop producing

Enjoy the updates and we are looking forward to hear your feedback.

Best regards

The Innebula team
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